Science runs ability reducing weight, excessive run most discard


No matter it is to reduce weight or fitness, some people are completely love running, although running this sport has many benefits, but with a scientific and rigorous attitude, I still do not recommend to go running every day, because it may make you lose weight, fitness effect counterproductive oh.

Generally speaking, running is for the sake of their own physical health, but in line with this expectation and attitude, we should not excessive pursuit of quantity when running, because generally speaking, whether it is fitness or weight loss, as long as the guarantee of three times a week or so running, each time lasting more than 40 minutes can be.

So don’t be in pursuit of health, the pursuit of running thin down finally let hurt yourself, to know in our life, running is a sport to keep healthy in life way, rather than the most of life, so even have a passion for running according to its own conditions, on the premise of no harm to their own personal running, also need not to compare themselves to others do, think about how others run fast also everyday run all right? Maybe you’d be different. So here’s what we need to know to run:


1. Healthy and reasonable running

We know after strenuous exercise, the body will appear a few small changes, such as muscle pain or body pain, etc., these are all we need to pay a certain amount of time to recover, otherwise it is easy to damage formation, with a long time like it is best to massage after each workout, and ensure adequate rest time also is to prepare for the next powerful movement.

Run for a day

Professional athletes or just want to be healthy, let your body get the best state should be run a rest, so just let the body better able to recover, the body also not give life some trouble come on because of fatigue, so for both weight loss and fitness friends, run 3 to 4 times a week is the most reasonable, or run a rest.

Of course, you don’t have to worry that taking a break from running will lower your performance, because studies show that running six times a week or four times a week doesn’t decrease your performance.