Go on a diet to reduce weight easy rebound, the girl eats a month so thin 15 jins


No matter be on a diet or exercise, reducing weight is a kind of painful experience for most people, and these pains are not only manifested in the desire to eat hot pot, Fried chicken, hamburgers above the illusion of hunger desire, may also appear endocrine imbalance, hair loss, bad complexion of all kinds of small problems! But actually schoolgirl also does not have excessive worry to reducing weight, want to use correct way reducing weight only, so ok reduce weight success, and easily thin come down, the most important is those are not outstanding the little defect that wants human life to won’t find you at all however! So how do you do that? As a month in the weight loss period lost 15 pounds of men, of course, this matter has the right to speak!


Then let uncle will own experience as detail, want to lose weight fast friends to highlight ~ say fat was extremely ugly, and especially the hiring of disgust, so I was determined to lose weight, I really very good short-term weight loss, need only through the way of diet let I thin come down, but when I restore diet weight is immediately jumped! That’s when I knew I wasn’t losing fat! Is the water! So even if I take one more sip of water, I’ll bounce right back!


It is not advisable to be on a diet to reduce weight of course so, especially schoolgirl, after this I mastered a small doosh, must want to eat meat during reducing weight namely! Because do not eat meat to do not have the source of albumen, the body lost health very quickly, the likelihood goes to work cannot concentration, and the most important is to still can appear the sign of halitosis, constipation, this is how let a person be hated, must want to eat meat during reducing weight so! So how do you eat it? Just be aware of these:



1 egg +250ml milk +2 slices whole wheat bread


Fist-sized sweet potato rice + meat half the size of your palm +3 servings of greens


Fist big rice + half palm big fish +2 green vegetables


A handful of nuts or a piece of fruit (choose between two meals if you’re hungry)

The recipe during reducing weight so is arranged no problem, if do not want to move, so through such means can let you come down likewise.