Healthy meal reducing weight, nutrition is first selection, such practice lets you no longer be picky about food


A lot of small partners that reduce weight have such a little trouble, do not know what to eat to reduce weight namely, think what already eat to reduce weight even is very dry, actually reducing weight meal had done the same can let you not be picky about food, so come to share healthy and delicious reducing weight meal with everybody today, what let you eat is slender eat healthy ~

“Shrimp scrambled eggs”



Egg, shrimp, starch, onion


Salt, cooking wine


1. Wash the shrimps and place them in a bowl. Then add some salt and cooking wine

2. Prepare a wok, pour oil into the wok after preheating, then add the processed shrimps, and wait until the shrimps are browned and then remove

3, make water starch, add starch and water in a bowl, according to the ratio of 1:2 and then stir

4, prepare another bowl in which you actually beat the eggs and mix them into a liquid

5. Finally, mix the shrimps, water starch and egg mixture together, so that they will be very tender and smooth

6. Heat the wok and pour in the oil. When the oil is warm, pour in the shrimp egg mixture

After being put on a plate and sprinkled with chopped green onion, the appetizing taste is the silky texture of shrimps and eggs. You don’t have to chew it carefully, and your tongue is completely surrounded

“Chicken breast”


Chicken breast meat to be considered as the first choice of food for weight loss lovers, but every time used to boil and Fried system has become no fun, so today to recommend a delicious and fresh tender sauce ~


Chicken breast


Salt, black pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, oil


First rinse the chicken breast clean, then take a knife and cut it in half horizontally, then gently pat it

2. Next is the marinating process: add salt, black pepper, light soy sauce, cooking wine and starch to the chicken breast meat, and marinate it with hands for about half an hour

3, to prepare a pot, after the pot preheat into the oil, oil temperature turned to the next under the medium fire into the chicken breast, repeated frying on both sides, see a slight discoloration into a small amount of water, and then cover the lid to wait for the juice


4. When the water has almost dried out, fry it on both sides for another minute

This tender juicy chicken breast is ready to go with the next dish and then eat two slices of whole wheat bread, today’s nutritional diet standard