Chen little sister runs 10 kilometers a day and her body fat rate is only 10.7 percent


Chen yihan, a rising star in recent years, can often be seen in TV dramas and movies. Chen yihan gives the impression of average person is melting, lovely, actually she below illicit is a veritable “athletic mad”! She is 163cm tall and weighs a standard 45.5 kg, but her body fat ratio is only 10.7%!

陈意涵每天跑步10公里 成功塑形体内脂肪率仅10.7%

Chen yihan keen road movement, the basic training distance is 10 kilometers.

Have the person of basic concept reducing weight to know, want to have good-looking posture, the most important is not an ambiguous reduce weight, want to reduce body fat, promotion muscle scale however, such ability can have good-looking healthy curve. But the average female body fat falls between 22 and 27 percent, if the female body fat rate is lower than 22 percent, there is no good body proud flesh, and Chen yihan’s body fat is even far lower than this number.

陈意涵每天跑步10公里 成功塑形体内脂肪率仅10.7%

Chen released his own examination data, body fat rate is only 10.7%.

Chen can often be seen sharing photos of her running on her micro blog. She usually runs a fixed distance of 10 kilometers. She once set a record of 57 sit-ups per minute on a reality show. In addition, she often shares pictures of herself riding a bike, saying that “riding is an attitude” and that she can’t seem to calm down.

陈意涵每天跑步10公里 成功塑形体内脂肪率仅10.7%

Besides road running, Chen yihan often rides a bicycle.

Chen yihan once joked that he was “hyperactive” and thought that sleeping was a waste of time. Sometimes he could even stay up all day just to fight for what he wanted to do. “I’ve been running because it’s the only thing I can do right now that I’m sure I can do well,” she said in a weibo post.