Taiwan’s britney spears has slimmed down and become a hot girl


Remember that chubby Taiwanese sweet? When people talk about the Taiwanese pop star, they think about how fat she is and why she doesn’t lose weight. Sweet having abstruse facial features, actually the appearance of fleshy flesh looks very beautiful already, to actor character nevertheless, the figure of bone feeling seems to be most go up lens. Recently, some netizens met Taiwan sweet spears at the airport, who was photographed with her legs apparently slimmed down. They also set off a comment on the Internet. Many people are curious about how Taiwan sweet spears slimmed down.

台湾小甜甜瘦身成功 棉花糖女孩变身性感辣妹

Taiwan sweet spears a while ago was taken by fans thin successful photos, legs obviously become thin.

Swimming, biking, playing until you sweat

Taiwan pop star britney spears shares her tips for losing weight on facebook. Small sweet can use the way that walks at ordinary times to use up quantity of heat, as to athletic respect, swim, ride bicycle, play basketball to wait, must motion makes his breath become more urgent, or it is the feeling that has sweat to be able to end.

台湾小甜甜瘦身成功 棉花糖女孩变身性感辣妹

With a cute face sweet, thin after success by many fans praise good beauty!

Muscle mass is increased through muscle strength exercises

Taiwan sweet also said that when losing weight to a point in time, the weight will start to stagnate, but this time your fat will not become tight, can only through muscle exercise to improve muscle mass. So even if you don’t lose weight, exercise will make your body more curvy and your body fat will drop.

台湾小甜甜瘦身成功 棉花糖女孩变身性感辣妹

Taiwan spears USES sports to make lines look better.

Taiwan small sweet emphasize, want to practice muscle line, core training is very important, can not be in order to reduce weight so blindly go on a diet, the number that sees weight meter only, but should look from the change of line of oneself body shape. Suggest everybody needs to make a change in each phase reducing weight, according to individual body condition goes adjusting, ability can practice the good figure that gives fat no longer.