Advantages and disadvantages of cupping therapy for weight loss


The advantages and disadvantages of cupping for weight loss, the advantages and disadvantages of cupping, the following small make up for your detailed introduction. The advantage of cupping is that it can drive away the rubbish inside the body, improve the blood circulation of the body and make the body more relaxed. It is conducive to the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and can enhance the elasticity and activity of joints and tendons, and promote the blood circulation around them. It can increase the blood flow of muscles, enhance the working ability and endurance of muscles and prevent muscular atrophy. And can deepen breathing, enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis, excited innervation of the abdominal organs of the nerve, enhance the secretion of gastrointestinal and other organs; Can accelerate venous blood in blood-vessel circumfluence, reduce great circulatory resistance, reduce cardiac burden, adjust the distribution situation of blood flow and store of muscle and viscera.

The benefits of cupping

Cupping can be by cold clearing damp, dredging channels and collaterals, dispelling stagnation, qi huoxue, detumescence analgesic, exorcise heat, with the function of adjusting the balance of Yin and Yang of the human body, remove fatigue, enhance the constitution, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body and dispel evil, cure the disease. Therefore, many diseases can be treated by cupping therapy.

Negative pressure

When the human body suction cupping negative pressure, the skin surface has a large number of bubbles overflow, so as to strengthen the local tissue gas exchange. Through the examination, also observed that the negative pressure makes local capillary permeability changes and capillary rupture, a small amount of blood into the tissue gap, resulting in blood stasis, destruction of red blood cells, hemoglobin release, their own hemolysis phenomenon. In the self-adjustment of the body, it has the effect of activating qi and blood, relaxing muscles and activating collaterals, reducing swelling and pain, removing wind and removing dampness, etc., which plays a kind of benign stimulation and promotes its normal function.

Two: thermal effect

Local skin has the effect of warm and hot stimulation, with large cupping pot, water pot, drug pot the most obvious. Warm stimulation can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, give priority to with local improve congestion status, strengthen metabolism, make the body wastes and toxin accelerate out, change the nutritional status of local organizations, enhance the permeability of blood vessel walls, enhance the vitality of white blood cells and the reticular cell phagocytosis, enhance local tolerance and the body’s resistance, a warm through the cold, qingrejiedu, etc, so as to achieve the aim of prompting disease better.

Three: regulating effect

The second is to regulate microcirculation and improve metabolism. The main function of microcirculation is to exchange substances between blood and tissues, and the regulation of its function is of great significance in physiology and pathology. And still can make lymphatic circulation strengthens, the phagocytic ability of lymphocyte is active. In addition, due to the phenomenon of hemolysis after cupping, a histamine-like substance is immediately produced, which flows around the body with body fluids, stimulates various organs and enhances their functional vitality, which is conducive to the recovery of body functions.

Disadvantages or shortcomings of cupping

Frequent cupping can cause skin infections

Many people think cupping should be at least half an hour, so that there can be effective, Chinese medicine reminds cupping according to cupping size, material, negative pressure strength are different. However, generally speaking, it is advisable to slide the can from the point of ignition to the point of lifting the pot within 10 minutes. Because the main principle of cupping is negative pressure rather than time, if in the case of high negative pressure cupping for too long until the blisters pulled out, this will not only hurt the skin, but also may cause skin infection.

It’s easy to catch cold after having a bath

The order also really want to pay attention to, can after the bath cupping, but must not immediately after the cupping bath. After cupping, the skin is in a state of injury, very fragile, this time the bath is easy to lead to skin damage, inflammation. A cold shower, on the other hand, can be a cold snap because the skin is in an open pore state. So after cupping must not immediately take a bath.

Many people to lose weight through cupping therapy, cupping weight matters need to be aware of: cupping scrapping if used to lose weight is feasible, but the cupping weight loss should pay attention to a time not too long, cupping improper efforts could make the body out of the blisters, may pull out the accident, serious can cause sepsis, so be careful.