Did not think these methods can thin face, it is too accident


Girls with big faces will not only affect their hair style, but also look like a blow to people, but you also don’t be too anxious, a lot of methods in life can help thin face, if you also want to thin face, the following and small make up to see.

Massage your face

The schoolgirl with round face is to must massage facial ministry skin appropriately, and had better be to be able to cooperate elite fluid, still can maintain in time when massaging so, nurse to skin very big help, and the proud flesh of facial ministry also can be eliminated.

Chewing gum

We all chew gum at some point in our lives, and bite more often to help keep our gums healthy and strengthen our facial muscles.

Stick its tongue out

When sticking out the tongue is to be able to help the muscle around mouth stretch, conduce to increase skin flexibility so, can help alleviate namely the condition of round face, and also have certain help to eliminating to double chin.

Moderate upward

In life, if a girl wants to thin her face, she can do some upward movements moderately, which can stretch the muscles of her head, so as to help reduce the appearance of proud flesh and achieve the effect of thin face.

Jump rope

Jump rope is to belong to the motion of systemic sex, and when jumping rope, the muscle of facial ministry also can shake ceaselessly, also can have the effect of thin face so, and the fat of other body place also can eliminate likely.

We know yoga can help you lose weight and lose weight, but can it also help you lose face?

Now yoga is one of the motion means that a lot of schoolgirls choose first, and the effect that reduces weight is very good also to reducing weight, can let muscle become not only firm, and still can increase the action of flexibility, to the body action is such, and to the muscle of facial ministry also is same, also be to have the effect of thin face so.

Yoga posture there are so many thin face, and the effect is better, in under the action of yoga, not only can let oneself nose become more forceful, but also can remove the double chin, make oneself of the chin is more ascension, this is the face shape is also have certain effect, but the only note that in the yoga practice, some of them are belong to the difficult movements, best need to warm up beforehand, so as not to cause a cramp or strain.

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