The diet that 3 when red han xing reduce weight also can have good figure according to eating like this


No matter be the female star of which country it seems that, to the figure always is quite harsh, everybody also can be aimed at oneself body condition, and go the method reducing weight that orders to belong to oneself. The gimmick reducing weight of these female star nevertheless 100, what method thin body does they use after all? Take a look at the diet of these female stars today, according to eat can also have a good figure oh!

1. IU

IU, the sister of the national anthem, recently revealed her height and weight on the show. At 161 centimeters, she weighs only 44 kilograms. When IU is reducing weight, it will choose apple, sweet potato and high-protein drink as the main meals. It can also divide these three kinds of food into three meals and combine them with other low-calorie food.

3位当红韩星的减肥食谱 照着这样吃也能拥有好身材

2. Show wisdom

In addition to the nationals sister, as the nationals first love show wisdom in fact when the debut has a fleshy face, but the recent show wisdom is slim body appeared. Show wisdom can be quite abstemious when reducing weight, a day can eat sweet potato only, milk of a cup of low fat and water boil chicken breast meat just. However, this method is not recommended for long-term use.

3位当红韩星的减肥食谱 照着这样吃也能拥有好身材

3. Hwang jung eum

Huang jingyin, who recently starred in two south Korean TV dramas, is ugly in the new series she is very beautiful, but her beautiful figure is just as enviable. Huang jingyin is on reducing weight can say to do not have need its extremely, use hell law reducing weight actually, edible black bean and bean curd are used only inside 3 meal, the protein that compenses human body to need.

3位当红韩星的减肥食谱 照着这样吃也能拥有好身材

Actress gemma always appears in the image of the cotton candy girl before, but recently to see the lovely day does have tall and slim figure, originally the lovely day breakfast when reduce weight eat cucumbers and a cup of low-fat milk, half bowl of rice for lunch and a little cabbage, dinner is eat cucumber and cabbage, unexpectedly let her has lost nearly 10 kilograms in one month. But suggest everybody cannot use these law reducing weight for a long time, lest harm the body.