Decryption tencent insurance business: annual fee of 60 yuan of insurance to do



Among all financial businesses owned by tencent, insurance almost gets the most traffic support. In the WeChat system, resources such as nine-box system, small program, payment and red envelope are all open to it.

Among all financial businesses owned by tencent, insurance almost gets the most traffic support. In the WeChat system, resources such as nine-box system, small program, payment and red envelope are all open to it.

micro insurance has made more attempts to customize insurance products and services, which is the result of forcing insurance companies to innovate in reverse through its huge traffic advantage.
tencent, ant, zhongan and other companies are trying. Inclusive insurance ” In other words, lowering the threshold of insurance with lower prices and more affordable terms and services is the key to the incremental insurance market.

insurance has never been an easy business. In the words of one senior insurance practitioner: “ Among all financial products, insurance is the furthest away from people. The most commonly used financial instrument is payment, followed by financing and borrowing, and then insurance comes to mind. Throughout

so, tencent will take micro assurance a year with 20 million monthly live users as the record. Weibo made its debut in November 2017. Insurance ” One entry, enter “ Micro insurance & throughout; On the page, you can see one called the “ Micro health & throughout; Health insurance products. Can enter 9 palace grid, enough body tecent is right the ambition of insurance business. Previously, the fine particulate loan and wealth management has been through the flow of the rapid growth of the grid, which, the amount of fine particulate loan has exceeded 1 trillion, wealth management assets over 500 billion.

after a year, the main position in the WeChat small program micro insurance has been rapidly increased from 1 insurance product to 12 months, live also achieved 20 million. This data not only means the number of users, but also means that wechat has already possessed certain user stickiness. & ndash; Users will often open small programs to view their policies, which may lead to more conversions. Such activity is rare among traditional insurers and, in the past, Internet insurers.
compared with financial planning and micro loan, micro insurance was born last, but received the most support.

ma huateng personally asked, WeChat flow inclined

in all kinds of financial products, insurance is passive sales of financial products, and the complete opposite is lending products, users will usually take the initiative to search for, and financial products are between the two.

therefore, for insurance, a product with fuzzy user cognition and low willingness to purchase actively, the key to sales is to push product information to users with the maximum probability when users generate demand.
compared with traditional insurance companies that mainly rely on human power to promote,
maintains a more direct channel to get customers in tencent system, such as WeChat payment to detect user needs. A typical scenario is that a user who USES WeChat scanning code to pay for medical expenses in a hospital will receive a push of a micro-insurance coupon on the payment completion page, because patients usually have a stronger demand for medical insurance than healthy people. At this time, the coupon will be pushed to him, which is more likely to generate conversion.

another example, in the payment of WeChat, merchants receive money link, WeChat according to merchants receive money frequency, the amount of orders have different points, and provide dozens of products for exchange, exchange the first is the membership of tencent video rights and interests, the second is the micro insurance provided by the insurance rights and interests. The WeChat movement that pops up spontaneously every day has also become one of the traffic portals of micro insurance. & ndash; When the number of steps accumulated to a certain extent, users can redeem different rewards, such as WeChat Lucky Money, but also such as insurance benefits.

is a smart traffic entry, because in different scenarios, users will show different risk awareness, the demand and risk want to match, can bring micro insurance more efficient conversion. In addition, WeChat payment opens up the payment chain. The accumulated balance of a common user’s daily red envelope grab is often enough to buy a certain product of wechat.
at present, micro insurance products include auto insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, etc., some of which can be as low as 5 yuan per month. For example, an accident insurance policy with a monthly fee of 5 yuan will allow users to receive 300,000 yuan in case of accident/sudden death, or 1 million yuan if the monthly fee is increased to 16 yuan.
, WeChat even specially developed the insurance red envelope for wechat, which is the third kind of red envelope in the WeChat ecosystem after the ordinary red envelope and the gold red envelope. This red envelope enables users and users to give each other the amount of accident insurance in the form of red envelope.

is also a social game. After receiving the red envelope with insurance amount, the user can immediately activate it to generate the insurance policy, and promote the spontaneous forwarding by giving a certain amount of insurance amount to the user. In the way of user selection, the target group of insurance products is collected, and the psychological threshold of the user is lowered.

Generally speaking insurance is very serious, not very interesting. We carry tencent’s social genes and hope to make insurance more fun. Throughout Micro insurance CEO liu jiaming told 36kr that if a person’s friends all have insurance needs, then the person’s insurance needs must also be positively correlated. Half of the users of micro health insurance products are forwarded and introduced by friends. Throughout

a micro insurance insiders told 36 krypton, ma huateng himself many times to the relevant person in charge of a group, to discuss product details, personally participated in the design of the insurance red envelope. To some extent, this shows that wechat plays a very important role in tencent’s strategy, which is also why wechat enjoys more support from WeChat ecosystem than other financial products of tencent.

outside the grid, small program is also a micro security entrance, especially small program at the top of the WeChat through the user “ Throughout the drop-down &; And obtain after revealing, can reduce user’s return visit threshold greatly. According to the data, 48% of micro-insurance users will pay a return visit after purchase, which is almost impossible for traditional insurance companies.

sells insurance or designs insurance? As a traffic giant, WeChat and alipay is an excellent carrier for all kinds of financial products, including insurance products, but the two companies behind them have different ideas. Among them, ant financial is more inclined to. Insurance mall ” And its thinking on wealth management business. & ndash; After screening, let insurance companies and fund companies enter the alipay platform to sell their products. Tencent wants more. Customized & throughout; Go further in the right direction. When micro insurance was launched a year ago, it said that it not only wanted to be an agent sales platform for insurance products, but also hoped to develop some customized insurance products by partners in addition to the existing highly homogeneous insurance products in the market. It can be said that micro insurance is more involved in the product level.
is similar to zhongan insurance, which also makes many attempts to customize insurance products. However, the difference is that most of zhongan’s products start from the B end, such as return insurance and air delay insurance, etc., because it is very difficult to directly rely on 2C insurance products to open the market if there is not enough strong flow capacity at the C end.

but tencent and ant also have similarities, they are all towards. Inclusive insurance ” Efforts. The so-called universal insurance, is better to lower the user purchase threshold products, including lower prices, more affordable terms and so on. Including ant financial’s previous attempts. Mutual insurance & throughout; (now offline, replaced by mutual treasure) is also a kind of attempt on their universal insurance. And universal insurance is exactly the key to the popularity of insurance, a difficult product to sell, which is something that Internet giants can leverage.

doesn’t have an insurance company that doesn’t want WeChat traffic, so there’s a lot of incremental space. An insurance practitioner has told 36 krypton, micro insurance online, many insurance companies are active contact with it, hope to cooperate. But the partnership isn’t for every insurer, as it will be subject to many of tencent’s product-level challenges.

annual fee of 60 yuan, 500 thousand insurance amount, this is micro insurance recently pushed a universal hospital medical insurance. A year ago, when micro insurance was launched, he he, deputy general manager of ping an pension insurance, flew to shenzhen to communicate with micro insurance products. Tencent already has an idea for a similar pratt & Whitney product, which it is reversely requiring insurers to design.

5 yuan a month, what products can be designed for the middle and low income groups, both good risk protection, and cheap price? The subject gives ping an a headache. Ping an and micro insurance brainstorm a lot of times, starting from 150,000, micro insurance has been promoting ping an to increase the amount of insurance, until the final set to 500,000, this plan report to the actuaries there, are asked where he Is it crazy that profits are so low? . A lot of persuasion has gone into this.
has always been difficult to understand the insurance terms, micro insurance also requires the cooperation of the insurance company in the product introduction to try to do simple and easy to understand. The results are also striking. & ndash; More than half of the users placed an order after entering the wechat account for the first time, while the rest of the users will buy the product again after looking at it 2.9 times on average. In addition, the previous insurance claims link, the user in the query page will only see the application, processing, the completion of the case these three steps. But this level of information display has clearly lagged behind for Internet products. Compared with online shopping, users should not only see the delivery, in transit, delivery three steps, but also know the Courier has arrived at which transfer point, a few days away from their own.

therefore, in the cooperation with taikang, wechat requires taikang to give users more transparency. The two sides go deep into taikang’s system and change the three states into seven states, so that users can know where the process goes. At first, taikang said it would take three to four months to improve the system, but wechat insisted on six weeks.

currently, micro insurance has not released data such as user size and premium income, but its impact on the insurance industry is happening.
is different from low-price products such as return insurance and air delay insurance. For health insurance, life insurance and other insurance products with a certain price threshold, users will compare the cost performance of each product repeatedly. And as more and more users flood into the micro insurance platform to buy products, it is bound to force other insurance companies to join the product war, or even the price war.
product war, and even price war if really come, will eventually inevitably lead to industry change and shuffle. An industry insider once said to 36kr: “ The impact of micro insurance on the insurance industry may be no less than the impact of yu ‘ebao on the traditional wealth management market. Throughout