Go steady zhiyuan: the heart of a hundred years to do insurance



On December 11-12, the 13th 21st century Asian financial annual conference was held in Beijing. The theme of this year is “sticking to the principle of innovation — exploring new insurance coordinates”. Zhang ke, party secretary, director and general manager of taiping life insurance co., LTD., was invited to attend and deliver a speech to review the highlights of the speech.

Distinguished vice chairman huang hong, leaders of the organizing committee and distinguished guests,

Everybody is good! This is zhang ke from taiping life insurance. I would like to thank the organizing committee for its kind invitation. All of you present are outstanding leaders of the insurance industry. It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss with you.

2018 is a year of great changes in China’s life insurance market. Near the end of the year, there may be a common feeling that this year is special. Tired & throughout; It’s not as easy as it used to be.

But actually, tired also means to grow. In recent years, under the guidance of regulation, the industry has released the contradictions accumulated in the previous period of rapid growth. Squats & throughout; It is for the better. Jump & throughout; What’s more, the industry and the company will grow more healthily after the pains, just like every fitness. Although the pain will last for several days, it is also a positive sign of muscle growth.

At present, the insurance industry is in a critical stage of transformation. What do companies do? These are the questions that people are thinking about.

In our opinion, the more uncertain the environment is, the more patient we should be. We should have the ambition of being a century-old store, always stick to the initial intention of insurance, focus on the core of the enterprise, temper the uniqueness that is hard to be replaced by others, and have the courage to innovate and build a new ecology of life insurance through innovation and integration.

First, stick to the industry beginner’s mind, do long-term doctrine

In this era, do business, there is always someone bigger than you, always someone than you make money. Good & throughout; There is no one standard, the key is to be clear about their own positioning, bearing in mind their responsibilities.

How strong the sense of mission, the enterprise will be able to go far in the future. You may have heard of Merck, which is the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world. It has been through many wars and economic crises for more than 350 years. Medicine is made for man. “Is inseparable. The legendary old shop, which introduced streptomycin to Japan after world war ii, wiped out tuberculosis; Free medicine is also given to third world countries to help millions of people suffering from river blindness. It is the dedication to save the original heart, long-term adhere to do the right thing, Merck made its evergreen foundation, become a legendary brand respected by the world.

Insurance is also a hot industry. Serving the society and ensuring people’s livelihood are the foundation of the insurance industry. In the case of taiping, China, as a national insurance company with a history of nearly 90 years of struggle, it was founded in 1929 to strengthen the national insurance force, moved overseas in 1956 in response to the national call, or complied with “ in 2001. China’s accession to the wto; With the resumption of domestic business, every step of China’s taiping development has always been closely linked with the destiny of the country and the well-being of the people. This year, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the new leadership of the group urged taiping people to take on greater responsibilities, feelings, pattern and responsibilities to integrate into the overall development of the new era and bring a better life to the people. This Shared peace ” Of new blueprint, spoke our underwriter’s common original intention.

Now people often say, serious you lose, everything do not have to be serious, drift with the tide nothing bad, so we are used to chasing hot spots, the outlet, the lack of adherence to the ideal. But, do an enterprise to want earnest namely, want to have the determination that sit on the bench. Especially in the critical period of industry transformation, more and more hard bones are encountered. Under pressure, it is a choice of cutting corners and taking shortcuts, or sticking to the original intention and focusing on the long-term, which determines how far and how high an enterprise can go in the future. Always serious enterprise, will win!

Second, focus on the core of the enterprise, to create a unique place that is difficult to replace others

Now the boundary of the industry is more and more fuzzy, enterprises may enter new fields because of periodic opportunities, but no matter how they evolve, they must have their own core. Just like tencent, it won’t easily share its social media, and alibaba won’t give up its e-commerce. So for insurance companies, how to build their core strengths?

First, the concept of customer-driven design products, in the hearts of customers enclosure. Truly competitive products, is not the most sufficient gimmick, but the most customers need. Customer-centered and well-polished products are more likely to enter the hearts of customers and win their trust, which will also become an insurmountable competitive barrier for others.

At the life insurance summit in October last year, vice chairman wong hung raised the issue of insurance products. We must insist that it is in the interests of the people. In fact, it is an idea of benefiting others and benefiting oneself. In recent years, after the rate marketization reform, the average life insurance price has dropped by 15%, allowing insurance to enter more ordinary families.

Taiping life’s idea is to put customer value first and make more products and services close to the people, because products can generate word of mouth and word of mouth can create competitiveness. Beyond their own interests, the pursuit of profit after customers, products, profits will naturally follow customers, follow products.

In the past two years, the company has launched a series of products that are close to the people, so that more people can. Be willing to buy, afford, and use. . For example, break through the number of disease insurance, light illness compensation for many times, let the security up, the price down. More recently, we have had a revolution of our own, with the addition of special drug insurance to the mix of serious illness and medical care, making the cost of a particular treatment less prohibitive for people with serious illness. We think, compare with the economic compensation after the event, let common people feel at ease cure, feel at ease medication, can reflect the temperature of insurance more.

Secondly, to stimulate the team fire general passion, the birth of a huge fighting force. You can’t build a dam with just a pile of stones, but with cement and sand, you can withstand floods and storms. Similarly, a group of people together is just a crowd, but with the pursuit of high goals and the passion for continuous struggle, it becomes a competitive team.

The team must have high goals, high goals are always exciting, can inspire the indomitable force, excellent can inspire excellent, success can attract success. As the beginning of the year, off to a bad start in the industry, taiping life cut target, have no choice but by scientific and technological innovation, support assistance, and institutional guarantee etc, omni-directional can assign a line, inspire team spirit thoroughly, big big contribution, small institutions between a high, together with the company business to achieve the contrarian positive growth.

Teams should be kept in constant motion. The first day of business ” Vigor. The name of the amazon headquarters building is ldquo; Day 1 & throughout; , always remind the team to stay the same on the first day of the business. We also highly praise this practice, always trying to stimulate the team’s entrepreneurial passion, so that cadres and employees. Dynamic & throughout; Up, let the business line. Live & throughout; To get up. At the same time, we will continue to push forward the reform of delegating power, and move forward the command of operations so that those who can hear the gunfire in the front line can make decisions, so as to loosen the constraints on the front line to the greatest extent and stimulate the vitality and potential of the front line.

Finally, build a borderless internal organization that responds to fire. If customer demand is artillery fire, then the enterprise must have the organization and ability to respond quickly to artillery fire. But this organization, certainly has no boundary, and must realize two zero distances as far as possible: the product and the customer zero distance, the support and the first line zero distance.

In the past, many companies’ actuarial, products do not back performance targets, products sold or not sold, is the business department. Now we all began to change the thinking, efforts to improve the efficiency of backup services, and actively respond to the fire. For example, the products to the market line, let the business people become product managers, directly involved in product development. Before product design, fully listen to the opinions of business team leaders and front-line marketing staff to ensure that the products can truly reflect the needs of customers. In this way, not only the development efficiency is improved, hot style products are also more up.

At the same time, the service efficiency of backup is also competitive. Where does efficiency come from? We believe that there are two keys: one is in the management concept, with the support of the thought rather than the idea of control to do the service. Management and control is to control all risks that can be seen. While isolating risks, customers are also far away from the company. Support is about maximizing a smooth service experience within cost and risk boundaries. The second is in the process design, from the customer’s point of view, as far as possible to simplify the front end of the link, remove the middle obstruction, leave the complex things to do in the background, so that the front service faster.

Third, the courage to self-innovation, innovation and integration in the construction of new life ecology

The only constant in the world is change. There’s a word in physics, it’s called the “ Entropy & throughout; In short, in a closed and unchanging system things always go from order to disorder. Enterprises are also very similar, especially a century-old store, if we stick to the traditional ideas and practices, do not go to self-innovation, experience will eventually become a burden, advantage is also difficult to escape the decline, everything may be confused.

In the era of reform and development, with technological progress and consumption upgrading, insurance must also change. In the future, we should not only do a good job in our main business, but also strengthen innovation and application of science and technology, so as to provide customers with comprehensive medical care and entertainment services, so that everyone can. There is insurance for payment, hospital for medical treatment and community for care. Enjoy the wonderful life.

Technology driven quo; Payment is insured ” . In the past two years, by increasing the application of mobile technology, face recognition, electronic signature, unionpay verification and other scientific and technological means, the industry has launched second claim, flash claim, quick claim and other services, bringing the claims into. Seconds & throughout; The age of speed. Simple case instant compensate, complex case is rapid compensate, what this backside makes support is the force of burgeoning technology. Science and technology rebuilds the whole process of underwriting and claims, and truly puts the insurance money at the most critical and needed moment of life, so that patients can receive treatment without any burden.

Service innovation lets “ There is a hospital. . Before the function of insurance is to be able to compensate can, everybody wants to consider now more, light has reparation to still may not solve the client’s real painful point, insurance can be in compensate good, compensate fast besides, can you give a client more service? Against the common people “ Medical & throughout; This year we designed a… D road & throughout; Service projects: provide medical assistance services covering the whole stage of diagnosis and treatment, including professional pre-diagnosis guidance and accompany, hospitalization, surgery and overseas double diagnosis during diagnosis, professional re-diagnosis after diagnosis, rehabilitation guidance, transportation and accommodation subsidies, etc., so as to facilitate clients’ medical treatment and make it no longer difficult to see a doctor.

Integrated development; Caring for the community ” . The pension problem is the focus of the whole society. The United States and Japan just need to provide for the aged because of the baby boom in world war ii. Based on their experience, China’s pension demand is expected to explode in 5-10 years. In recent years, many industries have established professional retirement communities by adopting asset-light and asset-heavy methods, which is a good start. But it is worth mentioning that the core of the elderly community is not hardware, but software, is a service. Therefore, in the next step, the industry can further open up the industrial chain of medicine, nursing, health care and protection, provide customers with meticulous and personalized services, and create a service-oriented old-age care ecosystem. Recently, we are also investigating and learning some excellent experience in foreign pension services. Meanwhile, we are considering establishing our own pension service brand through cooperation and merger and acquisition, waiting for the arrival of rigid pension demand.

The above are my thoughts on the transformation and development of the insurance industry in the new era. In 2019, the 90th anniversary of the taiping brand will be ushered in. Taiping life insurance will stick to the heart of a century-old store, work with many excellent peers to integrate into the overall development of The Times, serve the society and ensure people’s livelihood, so that hundreds of millions of people can enjoy a safe, healthy, convenient and prosperous living environment, and realize it together. Shared peace ” A beautiful vision.